Otherwise I would say frankly quest cape is the best target you can go for

Otherwise I would say frankly quest cape is the best target you can go for


In case youve been doing any questing, identification recommend taking some time off on a skill you learn how to safespot some mobs that are hard, like dragons or demons and get or enjoy an avas device or runes. Farm that for a couple of RS gold days and you have yourself a couple million to perform some cool stuff or purchase decent gear with. You get to talk with other players, instead of the solo quest experience and can probably find a place with a couple people. Ngl questing is really essential but if you want a change of pace you could try last person standing (world 333 is your LMS world right now). It is a fantastic introduction to high skill pvp content and a pretty fun change of pace.

Otherwise I would say frankly quest cape is the best target you can go for, and the way going for all simple diaries then all moderate all challenging all elite etc.. You wish to do work towards those requirements instead though, in mind In case you have a objective of a boss but alot of good bosses are secured behind quests. Yeah don't get burnt out on RuneScape by performing quests! I'd start to look up methods to train range in particular with a cannon for experience. You could save yourself place some tzars which drop the cape that is close to 1m gp. I visit a lot of levels.

Mining could be a way to earn money for it. Barrows are also a good target you could reach in the next few weeks by getting the Ibans staff (another quest lol). Barrows is close to a mil an hour so would absolutely help you earn some cash. After that you'll have sufficient cash to train combats, and eventually slayer to get into bossing. Keeping on that pursuit grind will offer the start to you. It may suck on a bit, but those early levels are dreadful to train. Go put them in vials of water to generate unf pots sell them and clean herbs and buy. Check prices just incase you may eliminate money or there's another one that will make you cash. Fixing the herbs will help you get simple xp that will unlock herbs.

As soon as you create a stack of gold doing that, simply purchase a shitload of green dragonhide and run back and forth between the Al kharid lender and tanner and sell the leather back to the g.e. (be sure that you have enough money left over to pay the tanner). I'll increase the goal thing everybody has increased. Earning money isn't bad, although just making money stinks. If you want to do some bossing, I'd suggest beginning with barrows - pursuit towards an ibans team (underground move ), upgrade it, then train prayer to 50ish, magical and array to 50+ and then go for it. It'll be a tad rough in the beginning, but do a few runs then and every now and you discover that it's profitable and simple.

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Just here to let you all know how lucky you are to play a game that the developers mention that they care what the community thinks or says. The simple fact that we've got a polling process is unbelievable, and frankly some of you in this community make the most of it. Sounds suggestions become encouraged before they even believe it's a real person on the dev team that needs to spend some time and blurred out. And then if jagex thinks your idea is not worth spending time on (aka stating it requires engine work to avoid having to even discuss the real reasons as to why it's a stupid idea) you men get all angry because RuneScape is not exactly how you want it to function or is not as simple as you want it to cheap RuneScape gold be.